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At iNatGas we’re committed to bringing affordable, clean, and efficient Natural Gas, on demand to those areas not serviced by a traditional pipeline. For business, factories, communities and establishments, for whom Natural Gas power and heat were previously out of reach, iNatGas is bridging that divide and delivering the gas straight to your door.


  • About Us

    In the summer of 2013, AVSG LP, a well-established compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station infrastructure company, was approached by a number of commercial and industrial companies with no access to pipeline natural gas. These companies were using propane and distillate fuel oil for space heating, hot water generation or a manufacturing process and wanted access to cleaner, reliable, and more affordable energy solutions. AVSG, in conjunction with these companies, was able to leverage it's 25-year experience in CNG to meet the unmet needs, launching iNatGas.

  • Natural Gas Solution for Facility Managers

    Pipeline quality natural gas that is delivered via a tractor-trailer to a facility is commonly referred to as portable, mobile, or virtual pipeline natural gas. Typically, these facilities have no existing or future access to an underground natural gas pipeline and are currently operating on propane or some form of distillate fuel oil.

  • Natural Gas Solution for Haulers

    Our stations in Worcester, MA and Concord, NH provide convenient refilling access to cover a wide range of needs and areas. Contact us today to learn about how to shorten your delivery time and start filling your trailers at iNatGas stations.